Worried about wrapping your furniture?

Get the movers who KNOWS how to Move-It!

We will take care and move of all your big pieces;

Beds, Cabinets, Dressers, Night-Stands, China Cabinets, Dinning tables, Kitchen Tables, Patio Furniture, Mattresses, Appliances and all boxes.

(random, loose items must be boxed).

Texas Move-It Wrapping Services
Texas Move-It Wrapping Services


Before we start moving your items, we will carefully wrap your belongings with moving pads and plastic shrink wrap;

While maneuvering your items our  movers will make sure the piece is protected and safe from bottom to top – 

When arriving to your new location, we’ll also make sure not to scratch walls, hardwood floors.

(We never drag pieces of furniture, the safest way to move it, is by pick up only).

Texas Move-It trains our movers repeatedly on new moving tactics, and constantly update our moving methods to ensure we’re on the top the game (Check our Stair Rolling Dolly).

Being cautious is our top priority and we strive to give the best professional wrapping because we understand the importance and responsibility we have when we handle your precious things;

Moving for us is a profession and our movers will always strive to ensure client satisfaction, we want a 5 star review!

As a company protocol, we wrap all client’s furniture with protective material;

Texas Move-It Houston Professional Moving Company
Texas Move-It Houston Professional Moving Company

if there’s a piece of item that you don’t want our movers to cover, please let them know before hand.

Although our professional movers do all they can to ensure items are being placed safely in the truck;

(compensation for unwrapped items by request are under customers responsibility only)

please note that an item that is not protected can also damage other items inside the truck.

It takes our professional movers a few more minutes to wrap a piece of furniture, but damages on furniture stays forever!

With that being said, please try to be patient as our moving company employees protects and tries to preform the best moving experience among other movers in Houston.

Your successful move is defiantly our success as well…

This is the main reason why our damage rate is VERY low compared to other local moving companies;

We care about your items and we make sure they are protected and safe to be transported, if we’re not wrapping it –

 It doesn’t get into our truck!

Are you ready to Move-It?

Texas Move-It Houston Professional Movers
This is how we wrap our customers furniture, from top to bottom, moving pads and shrink wrap all the way! no leaving any place for mistakes.
Texas Move-It Wrapping Houston Professional Moving Company
Texas Move-It Houston Professional Moving Company


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  1. Great article! It just shows that professionals don’t take risks and that if you want you’r stuff to be moved Unharmed – you got to choose your movers wisely !!

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