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Moving out soon? Hire The Woodlands movers you can trust – Texas Move-It.

We’re happy to help your upcoming transition into your new home.

We understand that you might have a big moving project coming up, and you’ve already picked the location you want to live in, The Woodlands.

Whether you’re moving locally or into neighborhood, our The Woodlands professional movers will take an excellent care of your belongings, our moving crews are trained, strong and ready to handle your items, we wrap each piece of furniture with a moving pads and shrink wrap till it’s gone, assuring it’s protection while in transit with safety straps – you can be sure your belongings in good hands!

At Texas Move-It, we get the opportunity to service all different areas of Houston and enjoy what they have to offer — The Woodlands, just a 30 mile drive north from Downtown, is a hidden wooded oasis away from the big city.

Texas Move-It | The Woodlands Movers
Texas Move-It | The Woodlands Movers

The Woodlands is perfect for anyone looking to raise a family in an active neighborhood environment – considered one of the most beautiful areas located in Houston, there are so many reasons to move to The Woodlands – here are just a few that come to mind!

Nature and Wildlife.

There are more than 140 miles of bike trailing that run through the neighborhoods, schools, and parks of The Woodlands. The foliage and greenery, lakes, and the master planning of the small city make it a perfect place to call home. The community is filled with various wildlife including deer, squirrels, armadillos, raccoons, rabbits, eagles, song birds and more.

Activities – There is so much to see and do!

In The Woodlands, almost every weekend some type of free community event is hosted for all to join and enjoy! From live music events and concerts held at the Pavilion — to carnivals and festivals– to educational events.  The Woodlands is full of entertainment and restaurants. It has venues and attractions like the Cynthia Woods Pavilion, The Waterway, Market Street, The Mall, Main Event and tons more.  You can even get from one place to another using the trolleys and water taxis services while in Town Center.

People, Schools, and Sense of Community.

There is no place like The Woodlands when it comes the support given by its neighbors and rally behind them in times of need — the people are wonderful have strong neighborhood bond! the educational system is also great in The Woodlands, parents of The Woodlands are heavily involved in their children’s education and it shows in the schools’ state ratings. The area also has top notch medical facilities and treatment centers so there is no need to travel to Houston for excellent doctors.


Now that your’e decided on your moving day, hire the people who know what they’re doing! Texas Move-It – The Woodlands movers – Call us for a FREE on-site consultation at (832) 786-0186.