How to prepare yourself before our movers arrive?

Texas Move-It takes great pride in our moving services, and we take the profession very seriously - help us to make you another happy costumer! - Houston Moving Company Houston Best Movers

When it comes to local moves with Texas Move-It, there are certain things you should know and be aware of;

We take great pride in our level of customer service and we need your help in order to reach mutual expectations and a smooth, safe transit of your belongings into your new residence.

All items that can fit in a box - Should be in a box.

For example, pictures should be packed into picture boxes, lamps need to be disassembled and Boxed as well.

We cannot load loose, miscellaneous items onto our moving truck any under Circumstances.

We’ll take care of the rest, protecting your furniture and larger items with Moving Pads and Shrink Wrap.

Clean out all dressers, armories, and nightstands of your clothes and belongings.Texas Move-It - Houston Movers
Furniture is supposed to be delivered in its ideal natural way, empty completely out of items.
Drawers must be empty when it's time to move or else the rails within the furniture may be damaged due to the extra weight in transit.

Further more it makes the piece heavier, and harder to manipulate Through small areas.

Label your boxes by which room you want them to go to rather than the contents it hold inside.

This will make the movers job more organized and efficient, when its time to distribute your boxes in the different desired rooms.

If there are items you don’t wish to be moved, set them aside in a separate room and indicate to our team lead what should be going and staying.

The more organized you are, the faster your moving process will be.

Clean out your refrigerator completely.

You can even put all your perishables in a cooler on the day of the move and bring it to your new house instead of having to lose the food inside.Texas Move-It - Houston Movers Who care

We cannot move plants or liquids, including gasoline.

If you need your plants needs to be moved, ask us about renting an extra trailer equipped to move such items.

As for payment, Texas Move-It takes cash, check, and credit card. There is a 3.5% processing fee for charging by credit card so please make sure you have cash ready or your checkbook unpacked.

If you have any other moving concerns or questions don't hesitate to schedule a free on-site consultation or give us a call at (832) 786-0186 and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

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