Moving 4 Bedrooms House Project

One of our recent moving projects – a Houston Dallas Relocation.

We used 2×24’FT Trucks and one 6×12 Trailer to accommodate our client’s need.

We split the Houston Dallas Move Project to three different days;

First day we packed all of the house contents – into boxes.

Kitchen glasses, closets, bathrooms; all household goods were placed into boxes by a team of 4 professional movers.

Texas Move-It Houston Professional Movers
3 Days Moving Project. 2 24’FT Trucks 1 5×9’FT Trailer – 58’FT Combined – All the way to Dallas, Texas.

On the second day our movers wrapped all the furniture at the residence with moving pads and shrink wrap, we disassembled all the furniture we can, beds, dinning room table, kitchen table… our main focus on this day to make all the household goods ready to go and move on the next day;

Houston Dallas Move
It was a long day of wrapping, but our professional movers at Texas Move-It made sure that 2nd day of wrapping will be done.
Houston Dallas Move
By the morning of the 3rd day, Texas Move-It was fresh and ready to move two fully loaded 24’FT trucks and a 5×9’FT trailer. DALLAS WE’RE COMING!

3rd Day of our Houston Dallas Move Project

Our movers we’re ready to head out of Houston and make the long drive towards north of Dallas.

Houston Dallas Move
Chair wrapped and ready to be moved, fully protected.

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