Planing On Packing Your House? Get Some Useful Tips From Our Moving Experts!

It’s the middle of the summer; you almost forgot you need to move out in a couple of months, you better hurry and find professional movers…

And we didn’t get to the packing part yet.

This is the point where you look around and realize how much you need to pack, and after you start putting everything into boxes, you suddenly understand how many items you have accumulated, and you may feel heavily overwhelmed.

try to calm down, stay focused (and breathe).

Concentrate on the room you’re standing in and work on one room at a time.

Focusing on smaller individual tasks is always easier than trying to take on the whole job.


Let go of the things you don’t want before packing, or the things that will get in the way of your move.

Do you really want that half-dead house plant?

Are you tripping over remnants of your magazine collection when you’re trying to pack your living room?

Hold on to comfort items 

like the stereo you’re using to blast some motivational AC/DC, paper towel so you can clean after you move, and other cleaning products like vacuum and a broom.

Keep it all together

If items have many small pieces (like desk items, collections and toiletries), take the time to pack them together in a clear plastic closeable bag and label the bags.

Doing the laundry can be therapeutic – plus you’ll be thanking yourself post-move so you’re not washing clothes the first night in your new home.

Pack your items like your groceries

Keep the light fragile items together, and the heavy odd-shaped items separated. Pack books, and kitchen fragile items in small boxes, clothes should go in the larger boxes.

“Keep your TV running –  until the last second.”

Warns Jack “If not for yourself… you’ll need it to keep your children occupied when everything else has been packed away.”

Never part with legal documentation.

Car titles, insurance policies and marriage certificates are the most difficult items to replace but somehow always the easiest to lose, never pack them but do make copies of them.

Also, hand-carry valuable jewelry and other items of high sentimental or monetary value.

Empty all of your trash cans.

Jack has seen movers pack full garbage cans into the van – not a pleasant welcome gift at your new home, keep your luggage away from the house until you need it; it has the tendency to get packed away as well.

Extra Tip: 

Use newsprint only to fill dead space in boxes, don’t use it to wrap items – the ink can get everywhere.

Use packing paper to wrap each piece individually.

This also makes it easier when unpacking – just throw away the newsprint items, but you know there’s something in the packing paper, so be sure to unwrap it.

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