How To Pick The Right Moving Company For You

First of all...

Look for the reviews. 

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Any respectful / professional moving company will have trace of reviews online


It's pretty simple; any moving company out there that has been working for a while will most surely have online reviews.

"5 minutes of research on Google, Yahoo or Bing can make the difference between a nightmare move to a smooth one that meets your expectations."

Although a lot of the reviews online can be phony, bad moving companies must have angry customers that will go online and express their feelings.

And The Best Part?

You will be there to read about that bad experience to make your judgement for the better.



Ask your mover as much as questions as you can, regarding your upcoming move, even if you know the answers yourself.

Challenging your local moving company with different and various questions about your Upcoming move, will tell you if they are experienced or not,  and It will also show you if they are Patient to their client's needs, and willing to spend time in order to understand your moving needs And eventually win your business.


Every Moving Company in Houston, Texas, Must hold a Household Goods permit and a valid Insurance (Auto and Cargo Liability), A quick run through the TxDMV website can reveal if your desired moving Company is operating legally, if they hold insurance that is active and If these movers have any complaints on their record.



Any company that doesn't accept a credit card, is a shady company. While you don't have to pay with a credit/debit card and can always use cash, having that option is always comfortable, and leaves a trace of your business.

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