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Moving Out Soon? At Texas Move-It - Our Houston Moving Company - We understand how important your belongings are.

Moving is not an easy process for anyone - there's so much to take care of!

We know how stressful the whole procedure can be, and we are gladly here to make everything much easier and definitely smoother.


TexasMoveIt.com - Houston Moving Company Houston Best Movers

Texas Move-It has the experience of years handling household goods, our services include but are certainly not limited to packing, wrapping (such as wrapping furniture and protecting them), moving and general logistics.

Our employees are all in-house trained professionals who are in the industry for a long time - we know what we're doing!

Relocation Experts on-site consultations www.TexasMoveIt.com

What makes us so different than the others?


We have passion for the job and we treat this as a start-up, we learn from our mistakes and implement new healthy procedures everyday.

We check ourselves again and again to make sure our movers have the knowledge and equipment for each moving project - we discuss frequently with our staff about how can we do a better job as movers, practicing the perfect costumer service experience.

Texas Move-It - Houston Moving Company

Moving Is Not An Easy Process!

Whether you're moving just around the block or across the country, there are many issues to take care of before, while and after you relocate.

It's a stressful period of time with a lot of tasks to be completed.

We're here to help you with your moving needs.

We know you might have specific questions regarding your upcoming moving day, our Houston professional movers are here to assist you.

Junk Removal Services

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Got junk or garbage you want to get ride of? Hire our Trash Collection Services

Texas Move-It Trash Collection Services will be more than happy to assist and haul away any trash or junk you don’t need anymore and want to be removed permanently.

Trash Collection Services Texas Move-It - Houston Professional Movers
We’ll be happy at Texas Move-It to donate for you!
Contact us at (832) 786-0186 to learn more.

Whether it’s a small amount or big, our Houston professional junk removal teams are ready to come over and move the trash away so you won’t have to deal with it anymore.

Our services includes but are not limited to: General trash and garbage removal – Our Junk Removal Teams will haul and completely remove any trash or unwanted furniture you want to get rid of – also ask us about how we can donate items for you to a designated donation center of your choice.

Need your junk to be removed? Call us our Trash Collection Services center at (832) 786-0186.

Houston Movers TexasMoveIT.com - Houston movers you can trust, texasmoveit.com

Houston Movers

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Looking for a reliable mover?

Hire the Houston movers who know what they're doing!

Texas Move-It Offers free on-site consultations prior to your moving day, get ready to meet and talk about your moving needs!

Prior to your moving day our professional moving experts will meet you at your location, and we'll go over every step of your moving project.

On-site consultations are very important since we can plan a strategy that fits your moving needs; we can answer and come up with solutions for you, ready to execute on moving day.


Houston Movers - texas Move-It - Houston Movers

When it comes to logistics and moving, the more ready you are for the transit - the smoother the process is... 

Meeting clients' expectations and establishing a good communication can make a big difference on your overall moving experience, at Texas Move-It, we understand that!

Houston Movers - Texas Move-It Houston Professional Moving Company

Our Houston movers have the experience, knowledge and expertise to protect your furniture and transit it all to your new place in a safely manner - for our movers it's not enough to work hard, but it also important to do a good job.

We don't take chances and wrap with moving pads and shrink wrap all of your furniture, we'll also take apart your beds, dinning table and any other furniture you may have that needs to be disassembled - and did we metnion it's all part of our service?

Texas Move-It Houston Professional Moving Company

no extra fees and no extra surprises our moving crews come ready to work with tools, moving pads, stretch wrap, straps and much more in order to provide an excellent service.

Texas Move-It Moving Review Houston Professional Movers

Need Reliable Movers in Houston?

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Look no further.

Hire the movers who know what they’re doing!

Houston Professional Movers
Don’t hesitate when it comes to your local move, get the movers who know what they’re doing.

Texas Move-It – Privately owned – We focus on high-end relocation projects, tailoring our moving services to our clients need.

Got a moving project ahead of you? Give us a call for a FREE on-site consultation with us at (832) 786-0186 or visit our website at www.TexasMoveIt.com and use the contact form to get in touch with us.

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Burro Y Flauta – Undiscovered In The Quiet Yucatan Area – Merida, Mexico.

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Texas Move-It has partnered with Burro Y Flauta, a vacation house rental and management company, based out of M‎érida, Mexico –

Let us introduce you to a place worth keeping!


Burro y Flauta vacation house rental is owned and operated by ex-pats from Houston, Texas who have made Mérida their home and hope to share this beautiful city with others.

Located just 20 minutes away from the gorgeous beaches of the Yucatan, Merida, our awesome vacation house rental is available for an unforgettable vacation

Merida is a historic center of culture for this region of Mexico.  It represents the melding of Mayan and the influences brought by colonization that has shaped and now defines present day Mexico.

The minute you arrive here you will feel welcomed as if you are coming home after a long time away.

While it is the largest city in the Yucatan, it preserves a small town feel as you walk its streets lined with colorful colonial facades.

A typical street with colorful colonial architecture in Centro.
A typical street with colorful colonial architecture in Centro.

It is not uncommon to be approached by fellow pedestrians, locals and tourists alike;

Who are just looking to start a friendly conversation and exemplify the hospitality characteristic of Merida and the Yucatan.

Merida is also known in Mexico as ‘la ciudad blanca’ (the white city), for the limestone that makes up much of the construction of historical district, locally known as Centro…

Or perhaps because the city is known to be kept particularly clean!

However, Merida is anything but bland as every house and building is painted a different color with both colonial and art decor architecture dating back to the 18th and early 19th century.

This destination is known for more than just for its beauty.

Merida is the center of Yucatecan culture with countless art galleries, gourmet restaurants, and lively parks and squares featuring free entertainment every night of the week.

Each Burro y Flauta vacation property is located within walking distance of one or more of Merida’s most popular squares;

Santiago, Santa Lucia, Santa Ana, San Juan, Ermita, and of course the city’s main square, called the Zocalo.  It is home to the oldest cathedral of the Americas!

Night time view of Catedral de Merida.

Night time view of Catedral de Merida.

Learn more about our vacation house rentals!

For more information about me and our listings through Airbnb, visit my profile.  From there you can browse through our various properties and find where you’d like to spend your next vacation.

PACKING? Only the idea of starting to pack a whole house, can overwhelm most of us.

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How a bad experience turned into a successful business?

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I came to Houston from Israel 4 years ago, being 23 at the time, I had only $3000 in my pocket and little bit of hopes and dreams.

I’ve been completely new to the area, no friends, family and it was the first time in my life – I was completely depended on myself.

I knew I need a job that is pretty simple, I didn’t have a lot of confidence at the time, and also my English wasn’t at the top, missing a lot of vocabulary, I found myself from time to time, struggling to look for words to explain my thoughts.

I started working as a laborer and a driver at a privately owned small moving company in Houston.

everything was great at first, but after a few weeks, the owner of the moving company started asking for bizarre requests.

I couldn’t ignore anymore the bad business he does with his clients, and decided to go on his own path.

The horror stories are long, from using the law to intimidate customers, demanding cash after loading the moving truck, and refusing to unload until the amount that has to be paid is doubled… and the clock is still running.
There was more grey practices along the way, I worked for two different moving companies and it seemed that’s just the way it goes.

I Wondered, what if a moving company will be exactly what customer the expects?

Why not to learn from every mistake and take it to the next level? As far as I thought, after working for a few vendors;

My thoughts were; “Many local moving companies are looking to make a “hit” everyday without thinking too much about consequences to their business”

Maybe that’s why they never grow to a big van line.

I thought it’s insane, and it has to change.

I saw and seized an opportunity to open a local Houston moving company that everyone has looked and waited for;

a friendly, professional and above all, an honest Houston moving company that will be there for you when you need it the most, your moving day.

I wanted to make this industry respected, and earn the benefits this market has, and they’re huge.

Ever since It’s opening, ,my Houston moving company has provided thousands of honest, stress-free, smooth moving experiences for our clients, making sure we’re the best in the industry, we educate our movers often about new equipment, moving strategies and we supply them the best tools in the market, confirming our place as a pioneer when it comes to customer service.

Following this ideology, we always promise to strive for the best equipment, staff, and customer care you can get, from the first box, to the last piece of furniture, our movers will be there for you with every step you take into your new house, ensuring a warm welcome into a new neighborhood.


Got Locked Professional Locksmith Services

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Got Locked is a professional locksmith companies directory, located in the Valley Area.

Site is still under development, on the meanwhile feel free to sign-up your Locksmith service, for now we can include only US based companies.

Make sure to add all necessary details, such as your e-mail, company name, keywords and your website link.


Questions? feel free to send us a contact form to leave us your details.

Source: Got Locked Professional Locksmith Services