Our affordable Houston moving services includes but are not limited to;


Texas Move-It - Houston Professional Movers provides local moving services for general household goods, if you're moving soon and you're packing all your belongings to boxes by yourself - Move-It will take care of all the rest for you.


If you're looking for moving services soon and you would like Texas Move-It to do the packing into boxes for you, please contact us about prices, quotes and availability.Texas Move-It provides packing services for general household goods in the greater Houston area.

Some packing projects require an additional day or two in order to make sure all residential belongings are packed and ready to be moved in our moving truck.

Please Make sure to pack ALL small miscellaneous items that can fit into a movingbox, that includes; pictures, lamps, toys, electronic and more.

It is important to pay close attention to the process of packing since it has a great effect on how glass and fragile items will turn up upon delivery.

We can schedule a free on-site consultation to help you best strategize your moving and packing project.If you have any questions regarding how you should pack your items before you move, Consult us at (832)786-0186.

We also do unpacking, placing all customer's items back to where they came from, let us know prior to your moving date if such service is needed.


Texas Move-It LLC will take care of wrapping all your furniture and items that don't fit in a box, on the day of your move.

Our professional movers will wrap your belongings with professional moving pads, plastic wrap and adhesive tape to ensure protection and safeness of your items, if you wouldn't like our professional movers to wrap your furniture, please let the lead mover on scene know about it.At Texas Move-It We always pay close attention to not damaging walls, entrance doors, and hardwood floors.

Although we do have general liability for our customers, Texas Move-It wont be able to compensate if any damages happen.

When it comes to protecting your furniture, at Texas Move-It have a motto "It might take 3 more minutes to wrap your sofa, but scratches and damages will stay forever."

We like to do a perfect job, please let our movers do what they're best at, wrapping and moving your furniture in a safely and timely manner, we have no doubt we're the best movers in the Houston area!

Got any moving questions? visit our FAQ page for common questions, or give us a call at (832) 786-0186 and we'll be happy to answer.

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