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I know you're looking for a perfect moving experience... let our Houston Professional Movers Take Care Of You!

What makes Texas Move-It different than other local moving companies or big van lines is that our moving company is privately owned and we're based right here, in Houston.

Texas Move-It - Houston Professional Movers

We don't hire contractors to do ours relocation projects and we don't pick up "daily" workers either.

All of our movers are in-house employees, professionals who take their job very seriously - trained to move your items efficiently on your moving day.

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Our goal is to give both a superior customer service and tremendous value for our customers;

We're not a big corporation that will forget about you after your move is done, we will be there for you; 

From the first box until the last screw of your master bed, our dedicated Houston moving company has over hundreds of 5 stars reviews online and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

On Site Consultations

Texas Move-It is more than just a local moving company, we're your complete relocation partners - on your moving day you can expect us to be there!

Why did we start a moving company?

After coming to Houston from Israel a few years ago, Jack started working as a laborer and a driver at a privately owned small moving company in Houston.

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The horror stories are long, from using the law to intimidate customers, demanding cash after loading the moving truck, and refusing to unload until the amount that has to be paid is doubled... and the clock is still running.

Everything was great at first, but after a few weeks, the owner of the moving company started asking for bizarre requests.

Jack couldn't ignore anymore the bad business he does with his clients, and decided to go on his own path.

Houston Professional Movers - TexasMoveIt.com

There was more grey practices along the way, "I worked for two different moving companies and it seemed that's just the way it goes..." Jack said.

He wondered, what if a moving company will be exactly what customer the expects?

Why not to learn from every mistake and take it to the next level?

As far as he thought, after working for a few vendors; Many local moving companies are looking to make a "hit" everyday without thinking too much about consequences to their business.

Maybe that's why they never grow to a big van line.

Jack Bornstein, Owner of Texas Move-It.

He thought it's insane, and it has to change.

We saw and seized an opportunity to open a local Houston moving company that everyone has looked and waited for;

A friendly, professional and above all, an honest moving company that will be there for you when you need it the most, your moving day.

Ever since we opened Texas Move-It we strove to learn from each day, to work together as a team and to keep our self up to date with the competition.

By implementing healthy work procedures, we educate our movers often about new equipment, moving strategies and we supply them the most updated tools in the market; 

TexasMoveIt.com - Houston Professional Movers - www.TexasMoveIt.com

Our movers will be there for you with every step you take into your new house, ensuring a warm welcome into your new neighborhood.


If you have any questions or you need to move soon;

contact us and we'll be more than happy to offer you the best moving experience you ever had, we also do free on site consultations upon scheduling.

Our Houston professional moving company experts will come over to your place, and you can consult us with any moving concern you have and we'll be sure to discuss them.


Privately owned by Jack and Becca, we get to know our clients on a personal level.
Texas Move-It Houston Professional Moving Company

Get to know us and schedule an on site consultation!

Call us anytime at (832) 786-0186 or visit the

"On Site Consultations" tab, fill your moving details and we'll contact you shortly!


We know how stressful the whole moving process can be, our Houston professional Movers at Texas Move-It are ready to relocate your household goods anywhere around Texas.

For reference check our main locations which are not limited to:

Katy - Houston - The Woodlands - Spring - Bellaire - Sugar Land - PearLand - Cypress - Montgomery - River Oaks - Missouri-City

Money Saving Moving Tips
The following tips will help you save money by cutting your moving time:
  • Make sure that you are fully packed, sealed, and ready to be moved
  • Disconnect all appliances - including electric and gas lines (we cannot disconnect these items due to insurance)
  • Place all boxes and light furniture on the first floor or in the garage to decrease moving time
  • Save time by disassembling items such as beds and tables
  • Empty all desk and cabinet drawers

Moving is an ongoing process and many tasks  need to be done -it is not about just putting things into boxes, taking them to another place, and
unpacking there. The more complicated our lives get the more the things to be done before and after moving.

To make life easier and less complicated, use a "moving checklist."

This will help you move efficiently and methodically.

The first thing is to write down simple facts about your destination-what kind of weather, climatic changes, urban or rural, water potability, infrastructure in new home, size of home, colors of walls, rules made by landlord in case it is a rented home- some landlords specify no nails on walls.

A typical check list will have:

 12 Essential Tips to Add to Your Moving Check List

  • Inventory of goods-perishable, breakable, unbreakable. A room-wise inventory is recommended. Also a box containing
    "first day needs" marked load last, unpack first.
  • A file containing essentials like house documents, insurance papers, packing lists, bills to be settled, travel tickets,
    keys to new home, and bills to be settled.
  • A must do list to remind you to:

-Arrange transfer of school records

-Pay utility and other pending bills.

-Transfer bank accounts.

-Turn off phone, heat, electricity, and gas connections.

-Disconnect television and Internet cables.


Be well prepared to move, make a list that pertains to you personally.

If you are well organized the move will go smoother than you thought.